Tunnel formwork system


Tunnel formwork system is as efficient system is put in concrete construction projects. Mzlyay use of this system can be mentioned the following: Dramatically reduce project development time Reduce costs in terms of shortening the construction period The use of human resources and labor savings in terms of reduced construction time Not engaging in long-term capital for the project in terms of speed work The ability to run the floor of a large apartment in a very short time Increasing the quality of structures using a tunnel form system Remove the joinery and interior architecture in terms of smooth and glossy. Create accurate internal dimensions and regularly according to high precision molds Use the tunnel formwork system saves the use of many conventional materials such as wood, nails, wire, iron and so on. By using the tunnel formwork system can be efficiently area available. Structures created by molding the concrete tunnel walls and ceiling seamlessly, is very resistant against earthquakes and fire

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