Sliding Forms


he sliding forms are implemented sucj that the form or mould is pulled up to the height of 1 to 5.1m in different intervals by clamps and jack. Simultaneously by puulling the mould up, the concreting and reinforcement operation also continues and concrete mixture is injected from the upper side and while form moves upwards the concrete will become harder and separated from the bottom side of the mould. The motion speed of the form is regulated sucj that while exiting from the mould, concrete could tolerate its weight to keep its shape. The sliding moulding could be conducted by continuous motion and/or planned such that it stops in a given height and then resumes its sliding motion. The motion of the sliding mould is usually conducted by a uniform speed.

The sliding form moves perpendicularly with a uniform speed and this speed is to such extent that any section of the concrete ramains in the form during the time needed for initial setting. The sliding form moves upwards by jacks embedded on the smooth bars or structural pipes performing in the hard concrete. These jacks might be of manual, compressor, electric or hydraulic ones. The labor platforms and frame and moves together with them.

Componenets of Sliding Forms:


Horizontal clamps

Body frame

Yoke has two main duties including resistant against side pressure of the concrete and conducting the loads to the bar of the jacks. Clamps are also responsible for providing the bending strength for the body of the frame as well are the conduction of the pressure of the moulds to the yokes. The repairing platform and concreting platform connected to the horizontal clamps. Connecting the clamps to the yokes myst tolerate such loads. The body frame that could be made out of the wooden timbers, metal panels or panels made of plywood is directly connected to the horizontal clamps. The sliding forms are mostly used in the sheer walls of the high buildings, silos, chimneys and fluid reservoirs and towers as well as vertical shafts, ...

Advantages for using Sliding Forms:

The implemented structure is completely integrated lacking any constructional vertical and horizontal sutures.

The speed of implementing the structure is very high.

It is economic

Although by accuracy for implementing the operation the concrete facade is very good and acceptable, therefore, it is possible to conduct the facade operation on the structure immediately after concreting causing the better stickness of the facade mortar with fresh concrete.

It isint necessary to implement the facade scaffolding by classic method.

It is possible to implement other parts of the implementing the structure such as pulling the roof trusses and others simultaneously by implementing the sliding form

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