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Sky table system formwork

  The suitable alternative to traditional systems for fast slab execution without the need for…

Flex Slab formwork

Suitable for slabs with different geometric shapes and assembly possibility at the project siteFlex system…

Lightweight slab form

  Slabs operation for small projects with the least manpower and very light parts This…

Houpad beam formwork

Modular form with plywood surface Plywood beam formwork is used for concrete beams. This system…

Modular beam formwork

  Using wall panels and column with lowest costs and light weighted beamsModular beam formwork…

Slab formwork
Generally, there are various methods for executing concrete slabs which usually vary depending on the project size, costs and execution speed.
Slab formwork can be operated using different materials. In the old methods, a combination of triangular scaffolding, waling and plywood or metal sheet was used, but in the new methods,sky table form systems such as flex system has been used which speeds up the project execution and does not need the assembly and disassembly at any stage and its cost price goes down.
Also in some cases it is possible to use different slab systems in a project depending on its different geometric dimensions.

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